Friday, March 04, 2005

The date

Had a date last Thursday, 24 Feb in Greenbelt with a guy I met from friendster. I could say that he is one person from the net I look forward conversing with since I love his writing style. To me, reading through his mail became a breather. After at least a month of mail exchanges, I finally saw him.

Hes chubby, not so tall and and so ordinary. He's a 30 year old computer programmer actively seeking for a new job opportunity. He hails in Caloocan and a bread winner to his family. His father died in 2000 just the same as when I lost mine.

We had dinner and saw "Constantine", a movie starring Keanu Reeves who is supposed to be a "fallen angel". Such a weird movie for me. He enjoyed watching it though, but it definitely did not amuse me much. We had coffee and had a chat. Of course, I have noticed his gestures and how he would stare at me. Honestly, at the back of mind, I thought he's gay. I cannot explain why but he has this "thing" with gays, I mean, he would hate them. I noticed his moves, and these were quite "feminine" to me. Maybe because of the active"gaydar" that I have so I am surely able to detect whether a man is gay or not. My association with gay friends also taught me into being able to assess men well. Quite a major turn-off I guess.....

We have been texting since that night and he would tell me how he likes my smile and eyes. He said he also like me so much and that he wants to be there for me always. I must admit this elated me a bit. I cannot say I have feelings for him already but I am not closing my doors on anything. I donot know what can happen next but all I know is that I still look forward to coversing with him and reading through is well written mails.

I realized that I did not feel the "spark" between us. Maybe I'm wrong but I still cannot tell. I am keeping my options open.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

_Why?___________________ma love is for sale *

____________________ma love is for sale *Why should your love be for sale? Are you in despair? I wanna know why, please give that pleasure of knowing your reasons. Maybe we can talk about it.