Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Another resignation from my company took place, the HRD Manager this time. I do not know how to react anymore. Everybody is leaving and I am so affected because I will be left out. Looking back, I was the first one who wanted to leave in the first place. I got offers from outside and I gladly responded by attending their invitation for interviews. I started doing that last year. I actually gave them that idea to explore other opportunities. True enough, my colleagues did and they found better ones!!!

I have learned so much from them. It has barely been less than a year that I have worked with them but it created so much impact on me. I am at a loss now. It is like I am mourning on something inevitable. I do not know why I am so emotional about it. Do not know how will I cope further.

I still want to pursue my plans. I just hope everything will come up like roses for me soon .

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The Interview

I have attended the scheduled interview with UBIX this morning. It was a very light and candid interview with Vincent. He was very objective about his questions. I made the conversation easy for us by being the "bubbly and witty" me and he said he enjoyed the interview. He told me that he has been searching for the right Executive Assistant for the longest time and that I would definitely be scheduled for a second interview with the President. Hopefully after that, I will be able to meet up with the Chairman who I will be working with if I get lucky enough.

He asked about me being a single mom. I have been very open about it and I did not have any inhibitions talking about my present situation. It feels good being open about it and more so because I was able to converse with the type of person who I think can grasp to the idea of it. It's an "in" thing nowadays anyways. He even commended me for being so "cool" about it.

Come to think of it, I am better off being single. I can move freely and I can decide on my own. Financially it is difficult, but I am coping. I couldn't care less what other people might think about it, I just want to tell everyone that I am happy being single- a single mom. Would be happier if I could have a partner though, but maybe the time will come I land with one.

I hope to get more interviews and obtain the best job soon. If I will be asked to take an exam, I will decline it. I would rather be interviewed the whole day than take another exam. That's how life is for me... being single and job hunting....

Another Day at Work

Another day!!!! I am just thinking how I would be able to make it through. Had a sleepless night thinking how my day at work will be. I am keeping my fingers crossed that today will be a good time for me. I wonder how life would be like without my partner at work. She told me that she is already so excited to leave and see herself at home. She only has a week left to stay and honestly, I feel so sad about it. Another colleague is experiencing some trouble with the bosses and I also feel so much for her. She wants her relocation to Cagayan de Oro soon. If this happens, I will be left with just 2 female colleagues who I do not talk to ever so often. I feel I will be back to zero. I wish everything will be alright and that the situation here may become better. I always pray for that. The week after next will be a major adjustment. I hope I would be able to cope better.

I have a got a call from UBIX asking me to see them for an interview. We agreed to meet up with them tomorrow at 8AM. They are offering me a job as an Executive Assistant to the Chairman and CEO of the Corporation. I think this is a good opportunity and I am giving it a try.

I promise myself that from this day on I will not stop searching for better opportunities so I can also leave the soonest. The situation here is just too much to handle that I cannot wait to see myself in a new working environment.

I hope that I will be able to decipher what ought to do with my career.

Friday, April 08, 2005


Its been a long time since I last wrote something here.

My job hunting has not ended yet. Still being so optimistic that someday and somehow, I would really be able to land a very stable job. I am now connected with a power company. The Project will be here for 25 years and will supply power in Mindanao by 2006. Very promising, right?

But these are not the only things that would matter. I could deal well with the pressure my job entails but I dread dealing with the bosses' awful attitudes. It is not always a question of how much i am earning a living but bottom line is, Am I really happy? Do I go home not thinking about how my day will be in the office the next morning? Am I already dragging myself to wake up and go to work? Endless questions pop up in my mind. Hardship and trials are inevitable in this life but unless a person is happy and secured as to where he stands, then he can easily cope with anything.

I am not happy where I am right now, that is why I am hardly coping with the present situation. Can you blame me for actively searching for better opportunities? I have to face the reality that I am not getting any younger and my marketability will soon diminish so I should be making my move now!!!!

What has made me feel more depressed at this time is the fact that one of my colleagues has decided to leave the company for good and become a full-time Mom. She has stayed with the company for more than a year now but like me, she also feels so bad about the working environment here. She had an option and she finally took the chance. It will definitely be a big adjustment for her but I am glad that she has arrived to this decision. On the other hand, I also feel afraid that I would take on another responsibility of assisting her boss aside from assisting another difficult boss and doing the receptionist's work. Here I am left with multi-tasks!! How I wish my situation could get better. Do not know if a dialogue with my boss would help at this time. I am currently composing my script if ever...

I am not loosing hope... I just wish I could also become a full time Mom to my kid and somehow, become my own boss SOOOOOOOOOON.