Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Another Date

I went out last Thursday to meet up with someone who I just met recently. We agreed to meet up at the Baywalk at Roxas Boulevard and we agreed to have coffee. I was so eager to meet up with him and so I went out to see him. I had a walk while waiting for him. God, I waited for almost 2 hours and he did not show up!!!! He stood me up!!!!!!! I tried to text and call him but his cellphone was off. When he finally answered my call, he said that he's sorry because he would not be able to show up and that he's into trouble that time.

That conversation was very short and i got mad and frustrated because I felt I needed to meet up with him since I felt his need to see me and vise versa. I cried because of dismay. I had 3 cups of coffee . I tried to call friends who can be with me and of course, nobody was available!!! I felt the emptiness and the sadness within me. I felt hurt and I felt pity for myself. I really do not know how to contain myself that time. I am a total wreck for how many days now.

I even attended a wedding the next day and still felt bad. I realized that I just attend weddings, catch the bouquets and what? Til now nobody for me yet. I just sing for weddings and entertain other people. When could I have the chance of being entertained on my wedding at all?

Can things get any better for me? Is there something different I could ever encounter? I am sick and tired of waiting for the right guy to come along. This time I am really pissed and I have lost the patience. I am turning 33 on the 3oth and still I am without a partner.

Will I ever be given one? Tell me, I deserve it, right? What do you think?

Saturday, May 07, 2005


The past few days have been quite better for me. For one, my company already hired a receptionist. Another tempo was also hired to become E.A. for my German boss. Well, these things make feel better because I was unburdened of some tasks. Although I still oversee them because they're new, I feel more lighter this time. I like both the newly hired staff and I have good vibes about them. We recently had our company outing at Hidden Valley at Alaminos, Laguna and we had lots of fun. We went trekking and swimming and food trip. We had fun also at the bar and I serenaded them with my songs. It was a good breather for me. I have a lot of pictures too. I hope to publish more blogs soon. See my pictures!! Enjoy viewing them. So fat here but I hope that you will like it. :)