Friday, June 24, 2005


I think it is already goodbye for B. After the date I had with B, he just disappeared. I guess he is just not "into me". I have to accept the fact that I cannot throw myself to him because he is not even serious about anything.

Anyways, I am still seeing J. I am enjoying times of laughter and conversations with depth and I could say that I already like him. We have gone out for 5 times already and I am happy with the turn out of these dates. Last night we both got drunk drinking Mojitas at Cafe Havana in Greenbelt. It was a good time. I am looking forward to something more concrete and I hope that someday, somehow................ Only time will tell.

Its goodbye for B definitely...

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Dating J and B

I had two new dates lately and I could say I had a good time. The first date was with J.. he's the athletic ilonggo dude. It was a very intellectually stimulating communication with him and its was just fun. How I imagine melting into his athletic arms!!!!! (ngek!!fantasize!!!).

We jive with a lot of things... music, theatre, food... just a refreshing change in the dating phase of my life.

The other date was with B, a single parent, cool and good looking too. We had a good conversation and a lot of things in common too. He's a total gentleman and I appreciate him a lot.

I like both guys and I look forward to receiving text messages from them everyday, these just never fail to bring the smile and sunshine into my face.

I feel light, active and so cool, this is and enjoying it....

I am looking forward to more dates soon.

Friday, June 03, 2005

My Birthday

30th of May 2005, It was a Monday. Below are the schedule of events that special day:

4 AM- got up to prepare lunch for my officemates
6AM- went to the supermarket to buy fresh seafoods
7AM-cooked Chicken pastel, Shrimps in Oyster sauce, Picadillo, tahong and fruit salad.
9AM-started my day at the office
12 PM-prepared for lunch
1230PM- had my surprise! Roj in a big box with my DVD Player, a bag and flowers. It perked up my day!
6PM- had my cakes sliced
715PM- Went out the office to go to Podium to meet up with my family
815PM- Met up with the whole family at China Star Resto. Got more gifts.
930PM-got home and saw another Bunch of flowers on my bed..

Need I ask more? My friends texted and greeted me too. It was indeed a happy one for me. Hope I could have more to comeā€¦