Wednesday, February 01, 2006


It has been a long time since I last visited and wrote anything here.

A lot of wonderful and awful things have occured and I could say that most wonderous thing that came to me would be finding Mr. S. Yes, Mr.S_ and Mr. R(right) all in one.

I just want to share the blissful feeling that I have now that am alive again and has awaken from my deep slumber. He has accepted me for whoever and whatever I am. He is not only my lover but a friend who I can run to whenever I'm in need. Not only is he "king" of my heart but the "janitor" of all my doubts, worries and fears.

I met him a couple of months ago and it just "clicked" for the both of us. We may come from two diffrent worlds and are totally "opposites" but we attracted just like magnets. I am proud and so glad that our relationship has become strong and has been built in "trust". I may not see him ever so often but I am thankful for the days that I would be with him.

The smile that has left my face for the longest time is now back, as I often have him in my thoughts. I collect all the happy thoughts and whenever I miss and long for him, I recollect them and these never fail to make me feel warm and comfty inside.

Words are not enough to describe the ecstatic feeling I have now.

Wishing this would never have to end.


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