Monday, February 20, 2006


I now take on another challenge which is being Executive Assistant for multiple bosses. The search for the right job has been on going for the longest time and as I have applied and attended to a lot of interviews lately, I still haven't landed another job. My partner has already left and shall take on another responsibility somewhere else which I know would be a better ground for her.

If this company calls me finally within the week, I will definitely leave. I am hoping and praying for the right time and pace I should have this change soon. My "significant other"(SO) has been very supportive of me and Im thankful that he would cheer me up when my hopes die down.

I have undergone 3 consecutive interviews already with the same company and I hope that anytime soon, they will confirm hiring me. Cant wait to really seize the day!!!

The feeling of melancholy has not left me lately since I have been dying to see myself doing better in some other job. Really hoping for the best to come.... til then....


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