Tuesday, March 28, 2006


I finally filed my resignation. Afraid that I might lose the new job had it not for the opportunity they gave me to sign up. When I got the offer, I discussed it with my SO and I arrived at the decision to grab the opportunity.

It was a shock for everyone when I finally submitted the letter. A lot of people got mad because of the sudden decision. To make the long story short, they cannot accept my decision and so they opted to make it really hard for me.

I was then tasked to take on becoming the receptionist and I had to turn-over everything on that day. I was driven off as if I didnt have anything to do with the company anymore and they told me that seeing me in my seat would not do any help anymore since they're claiming that thirty days is too short a notice for them.

I had the worst day. I cried the whole day and I had to just accept the situation. I felt how my SO wanted to hug and allay my stress that time but he could only do so much.

I had the weekend to prepare myself because we went to Boracay for 3 days and 2 nights. It was good to have spent another weekend with my love as we talked about it.

A colleague's birthday brought sunshine again to me when somehow, the stiff situation shifted suddenly to becoming more lighter. I knew that the harsh treat ment would have not lasted anyhow because Im also special to them.

Twas another night when I had another shock. They accessed my files at the shared drive and say my pictures with my SO! We were so dicreet about it when they saw everything!!! It was not my intention to have placed it there but I needed to since my access to my former PC would not be possible. I had to do something. I planned to delete these the next day but this happened.

Friends were kind enough to tell me what happened and so when I came to work the next day, I was prepared to face them. I felt at ease when they talked to me about it. I told them how in love I am and I couldnt care less what other people might say. Its simply my decision to leave and love! I felt relieved being able to divulge the information and finally be free.

Had to call and inform my SO about it. He laughed about it but somehow I felt his worry. I know this has been something that we could have prevented but as I look into the situation, I think its bound to happen anyhow.

I admit my shortcoming and there is just nothing I want to do other than making my relationship with him work. He's my confidant, my friend my lover all in one.

For whatever its worth I would like to continue hoping and praying that all of these happened for a valid reason and this is just a test of our love.


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