Saturday, March 11, 2006


1030 AM and my Mobile phone rang, have to get up and be in the office today! Its Saturday and I though I have promised myself not be working on a weekend, I am here!!!

I realized how I cannot just wait until I could get things placed on the right track. Needed to please the bosses, and for my peace of mind, I opted to just do everything I can to deliver evrything as perfectly as I can.

I had sleepless nights preparing for documents and just being there for my boss. Though my job hunting is still active, I realized that I have been so dedicated that I would not have second thoughts sacrificing my time and efforts for this company. The flesh is weak but the spirit is still too willing to put more and more effort.

Sadly, I feel that despite all these, I am not appreciated as I should be. Sometimes, a pat on the back would make a difference. As I am writing this now, I have come to realize that I really love my work. Now, whether they see it mediocre or they will still blame me for the situation,(which I will have to see on Monday) at least I have done my part and I have been my best.

Its more of self fulfillment than anything else that matters.

Everyone might not know how I feel and how I do my thing(which I know I am not expected to be explaining to everyone) but at least it is "ME" that I have pleased more.


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