Monday, March 13, 2006


It was Sunday when I got SMS from my Significant Other (SO) saying hello and he is hoping that Im ok. Along the line, he mentioned about me not being able to say I love you on the phone whenever he calls. He joked if im embarrassed to say it whenever people are with me.

The last time he called was Saturday. I was with Mikee having late lunch and he called. Just right after the call, I realized that I would never say I love him after the conversation especially when I'm home or with Mikee. I don't know but somehow, I already thought that he would tell me and ask why and so he did the next day!

I cannot explain it well but maybe one reason why I haven't done it is because I have not formally introduced him to my family as my boyfriend. For the longest time that I have been loveless, the flowers and the calls are already concrete implications that I'm with somebody and so I feel I don't have to tell them anything anyhow. Maybe, its unfair for my SO since he also would like to meet my family he is back, I will find time to introduce him formally and be proud of him.

I answered back his sms by telling him sorry for that and that it was unintentional and that from now on, I will always say it everytime I will converse with him over the phone. I also told him how much I would want to be with him. If only I can fly into his arms and never leave his side.

This also one realization for me that I have to also please him every way I can and so he would not feel that its just a "one -way street" so to speak for us and that he is just the one I demand from to say it... which by the way already became a running joke between us. "SAY IT!!!", I would say and it never fails to make us laugh.

Words are just not enough to say how much I'm in love with him. I want this relationship to be as blissful as it can be. So I keep on wishing...... somehow... someday.............

Only time will tell...


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